Southern California Track Day Guide

It never rains in Southern California…

Like the song by Tony Toni Tone sang, it truly never rains in Southern California. If you’re so lucky to be in SoCal, there are some great tracks and track day organizations to let you enjoy your car to the fullest.

SoCal tracks

Buttonwillow Raceway Park (BRP) is located 2 hours north of Los Angeles, in the city of Buttonwillow. While centrally located between Northern and Southern California, the atmosphere and vibe leans towards the SoCal crowd. The course itself can be laid out into 40 different configurations making each event special on its own. At 3.1 miles , the layout of BRP is mainly flat and plenty of run offs giving new drivers the ability to learn basic fundamental roadcourse driving. Blind corners due to lack elevation do come fast so better off learning which format the organization will be running that day!

One hour north of Los Angeles you’ll find yourself in the town of Willow Springs near the city of Lancaster. The track being more than 60+ years old has not changed and still considered a top facility in the USA today. Within Willow Spring International Raceway you’ll find yourself into two main configurations, Big Willow and Streets of Willow.

Big Willow is a 2.5 mile course that consist of high speed, elevations, off cambered corners as well as long sweepers. Total the configurations has 9 turns that will test driving skills but the punishment for mistakes is forgiving. Plenty of run offs at this track so don’t be worried.

Streets of Willow (SoW) on the other hand is a 1.6 mile course that consist of 3 primary elevation changes and 14 total turns. As a technical track it does also offer 2 main straight where a driver can hit over 120mph depending on car ! No need to worry, SoW also offers plenty of run offs for mistakes.

Auto Club Speedway (ACS) is just north of Los Angeles in the city of Fontana. While it is an oval NASCAR track, many road-course drivers still visit ACS for the Roval Configuration. At 2.8 miles the layout consists 1/2 of the speedway oval at a highspeed 14 degree banking while plowing into the infield course for more technical driving. Total of 17 turns complete this track and surely an experience using the oval course alone.

Chuckwalla Valley Raceway (CVR) is 2 hours south east of Los Angeles in the town of Desert Center. With over 1100 acres of property space, the track is laid out into 17 total turns at 2.68miles. Don’t let the remote location fool you, CVR consists of premier luxury amenities that other racetracks do not offer. They have there own cabins available for rent as well as an airport to land for small planes!

OnGrid Track

OnGrid logo

OnGrid, a NorCal centrally located track organization (see our NorCal Track Day Guide) has been stepping up on the footprint in SoCal as of late. With friendly atmosphere from beginner to advance groups you’ll always find the OnGrid staff ready to help out. They’ve been hosting many Buttonwillow , Willow Springs and Streets of Willow events lately with an emphasis of providing affordable track driving and laidback atmosphere! With well priced events in addition to strong social media presence , Im sure they’ll do amazing for years to come!

Tracks: Buttonwillow , Willow Springs and Streets of Willow
More info:https://www.ongridtrack.com

Speed District

Speed District logo

Speed District is SoCal based organization that has a strong emphasis on seat time and low car count. The model for the organization, guarantees drivers across all models low and high to have plenty of time to drive. Included in there packages are photos as well as transponders at no additional charge. With a top tier atmosphere, Speed District will cater to all your driving needs as necessary.

Tracks: Buttonwillow, Willow Springs, Laguna Seca
More info: https://speeddistrict.com

Speed Ventures

Speed Ventures logo

Speed Ventures has been holding events since 2001 being one of the longest tenure organization outside of SCCA and NASA. With great history under they’re belt many time attack challenges run though Speed Ventures. Bimmer Challenger, 86cup and wheel to wheel Super Miata to name a few specifically run under Speed Ventures. As a we’ll know track company , they continue to excel in Southern California as well as here up North.

Tracks: Willow Springs, Buttonwillow, Auto Club Speedway, Laguna Seca, Sonoma (NorCal)
More info:http://www.speedventures.com

Extreme Speed

Extreme Speed Track logo

Extreme Speed like SV has been in the game for a long time. As a low price guaranteed option for roadcourse driving, they continue to offer affordable seat time for those looking for practice and or set fast lap-times. Like many new time attack challenges forming every year, Extreme Speed host a few as well. American Muscle Cup (AMC) and Vtec Club continue to drive under Extreme Speed. With special pricing promoted across all social media platforms, you’ll be guaranteed a seat for less than any other organization can offer.

Tracks: Willow Springs, Buttonwillow, Auto Club Speedway, Chuckwalla, Laguna Seca
More info:http://www.extremespeedtrackevents.com

New Kids on the Block

Like every few years many new track orgs continue to pop up across the country! To name a few , Turn8 and Next Level Racing are starting to host events as well in Southern California. With Buttonwillow, ACS, Big Willow, SoW and CVR , I’m sure they’ll only get bigger moving forward.

SoCal has always been a Mecca for the car industry. It is no surprise that many organization host track days in this beautiful sunny region of California. If your looking for any seat time in your own vehicle don’t hesitate to check out any of the organization above. I’m sure they’ll get you strapped in and ready to take that first apex early or late to start that new form hobby.

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