Nuke AluCell with CFC Unit: hassle-free fuel cell with surge tank

Your stock fuel tank probably doesn’t quite cut it for your track or drift car, or for your super crazy daily that your family is scared to ride in. Maybe you want to run a surge tank to keep your motor fed properly. Or you just want to run stronger pumps, but it’s PITA to do in the stock tank.

Enter the Nuke Performance AluCell fuel cells. This is a super hassle free setup where Nuke has combined a robot-welded aluminum fuel tank with the Nuke Performance Competition Fuel Cell Unit (CFC Unit) surge tank. These cells come in 40 liter and 60 liter sizes and are built without a bladder to keep the cost down for you. Many applications don’t require FIA or SFI homologated cells with a bladder, so why incur this extra cost? Plus, any homologated cell has a life after which it is supposed to be replaced. If you can, running a cell like the Nuke AluCell is the best option. Just add your favorite pumps and go. And as always with Nuke, look at that design and finish…

Tim Trampedach

Managing Director, Blacktop Ventures

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