New 2022 Tillett brackets & sliders part numbers

To make the part number of sliders and brackets more logical, Tillett has undertaken a renaming of brackets for 2022. See the table below for old to new name change. If a bracket isn’t listed, then the name remains the same.

New part numberOld part numberTorqued SKUName
PTRITR3TIL-PTRITillett PTRI Premium Inward Seat Slider
PTROTR4TIL-PTROTillett PTRO Premium Outward Seat Slider
TBB5TB2TIL-TBB5Tillett TBB5 Seat Mounting Bracket
TBB5TTB3TIL-TBB5TTillett TBB5T Seat Mounting Bracket
STBOTB5TIL-STBOTillett STBO Standard Outward Seat Mounting Bracket
PTBITBF1TIL-PTBITillett PTBI Premium Inward Seat Mounting Bracket
PTBOTBF5TIL-PTBOTillett PTBO Premium Outward Seat Mounting Bracket
EBB5EB1TIL-EBB5Tillett EBB5 Seat Mounting Bracket
REBB5EB2TIL-REBB5Tillett REBB5 Seat Mounting Bracket
EBPEBF2TIL-EBPTillett EBP Solid Aluminum Race Seat Mounting Bracket
EBSEB4TIL-EBSTillett EBS Lotus Elise/Exige B6 Screamer, B7 Solid Fix Bracket
EBREB5TIL-EBRTillett EBR Lotus Elise/Exige B6 Screamer, B7 Adjustable Brackets
EBR17+EB6TIL-EBR17Tillett EBR17+ Lotus Elise/Exige B6 Screamer, B7, B8 Adjustable Brackets
EBB5R17+EB7TIL-EBB5R17Tillett EBB5R17+ Seat Mounting Bracket
ERAILEB8TIL-ERAILTillett ERAIL Seat Mounting Bracket

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