CFC Unit Overview by Faruk Kugay

Our favorite smiley and happy drifter (and all around cool guy and organizer of all things drift at Sonoma Raceway) Faruk Kugay is back with another video about one of Nuke Performance’s products, the Competition Fuel Cell Unit, a.k.a. CFC Unit.

Designed and built in Sweden, the CFC Unit is an all-in-one fuel surge tank which installs in place of any standard fuel cell filler plate. The tank holds 3 liters, fits 1 or 2 high flow pumps like the Deatschwerks DW300, Deatschwerks DW400 or various AEM pumps and has an AN8 or AN10 outlet. This integrated design significantly reduces the hoses and fittings required to keep even 1400+ HP engines consistently fueled. Just add a low pressure lift pump to feed the surge tank and all you have to run is one feed and return line to your engine and pressure regulator.

Check out the video below to learn more.

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