BMW LS3 Widebody Track Car Episode 1: What Are We Doing Here?

More power in a light car? Yes please! The BMW E36 chassis is well known as a great base to build a fun and competitive track car on. Whether it’s for a spec class, amateur endurance racing or just to have a fun toy, the E36 platform offers tons of options and lots of suppliers. And you can do an LS swap with relative ease to add lots of power.

Our plan is to build a track day car that would adhere to time attack regulations should we ever want to race in them. We’ll run an LS3 naturally aspirated, manual transmission, a full cage, fuel cell, wider track through actual suspension widening, widebody and many more go-fast parts.

We’re documenting our build process in a new video series starting with this first episode where we’ve stripped. Follow along with this build!

Tim Trampedach

Managing Director, Blacktop Ventures

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