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AeroCatch Latches Overview

AeroCatch latches are well-known and de facto standard latches / pins to secure hoods, trunks and other bodywork in many forms of racing. They can be seen on rally cars, amateur club racing, off-road, professional road racing and everywhere in between.

When selecting which one to use, the selection may at first seem a bit overwhelming, but at the heart of it it’s actually pretty simple and with almost every combination of the differences available, there should be a perfect latch model available for you.

Here are the 4 basic configuration types and differences for the standard AeroCatch system:

  • Mount: Whether you want the latch to be mounted from the top of the panel or from the bottom. The top-mount models are typically a bit easier to work with an install, making them more commonly used.
  • Locking: The latches can come with an integrated key lock. This could be useful if you’re securing a trunk or anything that needs to be locked away.
  • Finish: The standard finish is in black, but an optional carbon finish can be selected. There is no functional difference, just looks, between the two.
  • Strike pin material: In most applications, the red anodized aluminum strike pin is by far strong enough. It is also and easiest to work with as it can be bent into a better shape if needed. Alternatively, you can get stainless pins.

To go straight to shopping for the pins that you want, go here or check out the handy overview of configurations below.

NameMountLockingFinishStrike pin
AeroCatch 120-2000 Non-Locking Hood PinsTopBlackAluminum
AeroCatch 120-2100 Locking Hood PinsTopYesBlackAluminum
AeroCatch 120-3000 Carbon Look Non-Locking Hood PinsTopCarbonAluminum
AeroCatch 120-3100 Carbon Look Locking Hood PinsTopYesCarbonAluminum
AeroCatch 120-4000 Xtreme Series Non-Locking Hood PinsTopBlackStainless steel
AeroCatch 120-4100 Xtreme Series Locking Hood PinsTopYesBlackStainless steel
AeroCatch 125-2000 Non-Locking Hood PinsBottomBlackAluminum
AeroCatch 125-2100 Locking Hood PinsBottomYesBlackAluminum
AeroCatch 125-3000 Carbon Fiber Look Non-Locking Hood PinsBottomCarbonAluminum
AeroCatch 125-3100 Carbon Fiber Look Locking Hood PinsBottomYesCarbonAluminum
AeroCatch 125-4000 Xtreme Series Non-Locking Hood PinsBottomBlackStainless steel
AeroCatch 125-4100 Xtreme Series Locking Hood PinsBottomYesBlackStainless steel

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